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      Core competence
      Core competence

      Leading in quality control

      the company treats product quality as its life and always takes "Quality first, Customer first" as our aim, it establishes the complete quality management system, continuously improves the quality awareness of all employee, organizes production in strict accordance with the national standards. The information quality management system (QMS) forms real-time mega data and information flow for following process: material incoming inspection, first production inspection, online production inspection, shipment inspection, quality analysis improvement and quality traceability. The company has obtained IS09001, IS014001, BSCI system certificates and products have passed JQA, JE[ CCC, UL,CB and other safety-authentication.

      The company has established a high-standard quality control team of over 100 people and following testing labs: safety performance laboratory, cooking laboratory, life laboratory, reliability laboratory, packaging material laboratory, incoming laboratory and process monitoring laboratory. These labs are equipped with over 200 kinds/500 sets of advanced domestic or imported testing instruments(such as ROHS tester, X-ray machine, salt spray machine, heat and flame resistance tester, high and low temperature/heat & moisture test equipment, transportsimulation instrument, automatic comprehensive tester, temperature/ pressure automatic test system, various key components performance testing equipment).