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      Core competence
      Core competence

      Leading layout of factory logistics

      The layout of workshops is designed on the base of the theory of industrial engineering. Assembly workshop is centralized with the encirclement of component workshop, pre-assembly workshop & Warehouse. The whole logistic process is of without interference, without-tortuousness, without-waiting and performed in shortest distance efficiently & economically, Ranging from the incoming materials storing, component5 s production, product assembly to product shipment The function of Logistic system among these workshops is realized by the RGV, AGV transportation gallery-bridge in the air between the buildings, with the feature of omnibearing (Bulk parts through air-logistics, small part through ground-logistics), safety, high-efficiency intelligence, energy-saving, environmental-protection.

      Logistic system for each workshop operates in a seamless circulation. Components, part assembly are transported to assembly line directly with the automatic transportation system composed of continuous chain-lifters & convery-belts. Packing materials is delivered to the assembly line directly from the warehouse with the relative automatic transporting line. Finished goods is transferred automatically to the warehouse for stacking, wrapping, storing.

      ighly automated equipment-stamping

      Highly automated equipment-stamping

      Stamping workshop equips with nearly 300 sets of various types of production & processing equipment, realizing the function of MES intelligent taskdispatching, task-fulfilling, task-reporting. SOP system equipped monitors the status of real time for the facilities, materials, part -quality. Facility: Full-automatic production line for bowl cover (adopting robots, mechanical manipulator & automatic brushing machine). Full-automatic production line for inner pot (adopting robots & mechanical manipulator). Full automatic production line for outer pot (adopting processing equipment of multi-axis), It is equipped with a large number of punch, gantry punch and hydraulic punching machine. Different types of punching- production line is available for organizing if needed.

      The production line can produce S.S steel-aluminum alloy pots, opposite-shaped pots, specially polished or brushed bowl covers for electric pressure cookers and other kinds of metal parts in various types & shapes. The molding workshop is equipped with CNC, EDM, WEDM, large grinding machine and other equipment to fulfill the modification or repair for the plastic & hardware molds.

      Highly automated equipment-surface treatment

      Highly automated equipment-surface

      Surface treatment workshop equips with automatic washing line, automatic anodizing line, automatic Teflon/PFA spraying line, automatic powder spraying line, automatic non-stick coating line and others & relative supporting equipment. It can handle following necessary surface-treatment for hardware part: Coating, Teflon spraying, PFA coating, anodizing, anti-rust & anti-corrosion surface treatment for die-casted iron pot and so on.

      This workshop realizes the function of MES intelligent task- dispatching, task-fulfilling, task-reporting. Every line is equipped with large LCD screen to monitor & display the running status for the facilities, output and quality information for the sprayed parts. The process of powder spraying, brushing, electrochemical, cleaning and others are completed by robots, automatic productive-supplement adding system, automatic spraying system and intelligent trans-air chain transport logistics system are standard configuration for every line.

      Highly automated equipment-injection

      Highly automated equipment-injection

      Injection workshop equips with nearly 100 injection machines in various specification such as 650T, 530[ 450T, 360T, 250T and 160T, realizing the function of MES intelligent task-dispatching, task-fulfilling, taskreporting at the same time. SOP system equipped monitors the status of real time for the facilities, materials, part-quality..etc.

      Each injection machine is equipped with mechanical manipulator, automatic delivery material system. Relative whole injection process of separation among worker, machine & injected parts is performed in the following methods: mechanical manipulator picking-up the injection parts & cutting relative outlets, automatic sorting & distributing injected parts. This intelligent & automatic materiaIs-feeding/delivery system comes over the bottleneck of efficiency in changing line for small volume in quantity or color.

      Highly automated equipment-assembly

      Highly automated equipment-assembly

      Assembly workshop realizes the function of MES intelligent task -dispatching, task-fulfilling, task-reporting. SOP system equipped monitors the status of real time for the facilities, materials, part-quality, production of every order etc. Planning annual production capacity is over 17 million pcs.

      Assembly workshop consists of the following assembly lines: Full-automatic production line (composed of robot, intelligent detection system, AGV automatic material-distribution system and so on). Intelligent assembly line (composed of automatic aging lines, AGV automatic material-distribution system). Routine assembly lines for manufactured goods, pre-assembly lines, packing material-distribution lines, lifts of turning board for components, manufactured product delivery lines. It can operates at very high efficiency in manufacturing home appliance (such as rice cooker, pressure cooker, multi-cooker, induction cooker, thermo-bottle, Vacuum cleaner, Cleaning Robots-?-etc)

      Highly automated equipment-Intelligent storage

      Highly automated equipment-intelligent storage

      The Company adopts the WMS intelligent warehouse-management system and  successfully manages the registering of incoming materials, storing of semi-finished goods, allocating of materials, allocating of storing area and in & out for materials or finished goods in the ways of visualization, digitalization & being realtime.

      With the implementation of intelligent storing & efficient logistics, Company5 s operation of high efficiency has been assured at certain extent for the following aspects: the timely, accurate & correct data in every process for the warehouse-management, the controlled stock-material or goods, the timely analysis & early-warning for the lot, quantity & period of the stock-goods.